Younger, Healthier, Glowing Skin: Just a few easy steps!


Let’s talk skin care.

From Botox to serums, and a myriad of other skin care treatments that promise to roll back the age of time we often ask ourselves if these quick fixes are really the only answers to our age old skin care problems.

Well we think there’s more to it than that.

Today, there are thousands of products that hold the promise of youthful perfected skin. Our society is hyper focused on the solutions to fix these aging skin problems, and have looked to quick fixes, such as; Botox to erase and possibly prevent wrinkles, serums to diminish fine lines, injections to correct the loss of collagen, and lifts to tighten sagging skin. We often sometimes forget about the preventative measures that we can implement for ourselves to delay the process of aging skin. Today we looking at the inside, the root of the problem, not just the outside or the cosmetic fix. To be fair in the last quarter century we were not aware of the toll UV rays took on our skin, until the cosmetic industry created SPF. In the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s it was chic to be tan, in fact the more tanned your skin was the more beautiful you were perceived.  

It is been proven, that excess and unprotected UV exposure is directly linked to premature aging and skin cancer. Over exposure to the suns harmful UV rays has been shown to result in the following:

  • fine lines

  • wrinkles

  • age spots

  • freckles

  • discoloration

  • scaly red patches, called actinic keratoses (thought to be the beginning stages of skin cancer)

  • uneven texture

  • tough, leathery skin

Some of these forms of skin damage are preventable, and some may even be reversible, with just a few easy steps. Taking the time to educate yourself on the risks of premature aging due to over exposure to UV rays, as well as its direct relation to skin cancer can help you to understand just how to protect your skin in the future. 

Many people believe that if it is NOT hot and sunny outside, they cannot get sunburn. This is a myth. In fact, as soon as the day dawns and the sun rises we are exposed to UV rays, a sunny day or a cloudy day. Rain, Snow, and Sand all reflect the sunlight, making it possible to get burned even if you don't feel like you're being exposed. ALWAYS make sure that you are covered any time that you are outdoors. As we slowly enter the spring season, it is important to remember that in those months April-June UV rays become more intense, even before the temperatures rise.

Screen Shot 2018-03-19 at 5.18.12 AM.png

Today, there are a lot of easy and painless ways to ensure that you are taking ; precautionary steps to protect your skin from damage. Here are three easy steps to healthier, younger looking skin:

  1. Always wear sunscreen; even if you don't feel like you can get burned, it is smart to put on a minimum 50 SPF sunscreen daily to ensure that your skin is protected. Several companies make everyday moisturizers with a broad spectrum SPF that will protect you from UVA - the cancer rays + UVB - the burning rays. 

  2. Wear Protective Clothing; with 50+ UPH, this will ensure that your covered skin will be protected to reduce exposure to the harmful UV rays. It is important to remember that darker more intense colors such as red or blue, tightly woven garments offer more protection than yellow colored fabrics, or loose knit fabrics. Some companies like BRELLI have created and invented special materials to develop products that are specifically designed to protect you from UV rays. Our umbrellas are made using a film called BRELLIX®, which is a 100% biodegradable, 99% UVA/UVB protective material. BRELLI protects its users from 99% of all UV rays while under the shade of its canopy. It is completely functional and protective. BRELLI is the perfect daily accessory to keep your skin flawless, and your look glamorous.  

  3. Avoid Tanning Beds. Tanning beds are directly linked to skin cancer, often allowing for extended and intense overexposure to UV rays creating UV damage. Instead, try a self-bronzing tanner, such as St. Tropez Bronzing Mouse . One of our personal favorites, it will give you that perfect summer golden glow without any of the skin damage of traditional tanning, OR that awful carrot toned hue that we all know is feared whenever giving a new self tanner a go. 

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So there you have it, a few important tips and tricks to keep your skin looking young, fresh and dewy. 

Cheers to a Safe Spring and Summer under the sun!





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