At Brelli, we are extremely proud of all of our umbrellas and parasols. We love sharing with the world exactly how they're made, and we find that our customers really want to know these details. Rest assured that any product you buy from us is sustainable, handcrafted, made with fair trade practices, and emits only the smallest of carbon footprints.



Our production process begins with the making of BRELLIX, our propriertary, biodegradable film used for the canopy of our umbrellas and parasols. Made in Seattle, Washington, this material adheres to strict environmental standards for sustainability and provides unparalleled UV protection.

The Workshop

Our factory is located in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Our factory is located in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

A beautiful view of a tea farm in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

From there, the BRELLIX film is sent off to the Sunisa Umbrella Workshop in Chiang Mai, Thailand, where the Brellis are assembled by hand. This area of Thailand has long been a producer of hand-made bamboo umbrellas and maintains a rich tradition of creating other bamboo accessories including hand fans, folding hats, and children's toys. Employees of the workshop tend to be family members of the area's many rural rice farmers. Crafting bamboo products allows these families to earn extra income and attain a higher quality of life. The Sunisa workshop prides itself on treating all of its craftspeople with respect and dignity. The facility adheres to all labor laws including minimum wage standards, saftey regulations, gender equality, and child protection policies. To find out more about Sunisa's business practices, we encourage you to read their full Fair Trade Policy.


The Materials

The fully sustainable materials used in making a Brelli include:

Elderberry wood (used in the handle)
BRELLIX film (the canopy)
Organic cotton string
Natural rubber gum
Organic cotton fabric (used in the carrying case)


Hand-carved parts


Our Founder, Pamela Zonsius making a BRELLI in Chiang Mai, Thailand. 


Once the tube is hand cut to the proper length, the following parts are meticulously hand carved:

Runner's notches
Elderberry handle


A whole batch of BRELLIs drying in the sun in Chiang Mai, Thailand.