The BRELLIs are handmade in Thailand. They are hand carved using expert craftsman techniques, therefore each part of the BRELLI is unique making each one-of-a-kind. The BRELLI canopy is made with BRELLIX film (developed expressly for BRELLI), made in the USA. The non-toxic BRELLImarkers (made to doodle your own artwork on the BRELLIX canopy) are developed exclusively for BRELLI, and made in the USA.

A Lighter Footprint


We designed the BRELLI to biodegrade in aerobic and anaerobic landfill environments. In an aerobic landfill it will biodegrade as twigs and leaves do. In an anaerobic landfill it will biodegrade into biogas; this collected biogas is, more often than not, recycled into energy to sustain the landfill. The energy produced from the harvested biogas will recoup more than 90% of the energy used to create the BRELLI.

Pamela Zonsius


Pam Z. .jpg

Pamela Zonsius, a fashion designer and product development expert, had a vision of creating beautiful products with a deep sense of environmental responsibility. Pamela worked to create the BRELLI Collection with leading researchers, scientists and developers to bring the BRELLI idea to reality.